TurnKEY Business Brokers
TurnKEY Business Brokers 
Mr. Tracy A. Burnidge
Commercial & Business Realtor
1984-2009: Commercial General Contractor
1980-2002: MainStreet Theaters Inc.
2009- Present: Business Broker
Mike Palladino
Business Lead Specialist.
1982-2005: Great Lakes Wireless & Sound
2005-2012: Vito & Nicks II Pizza Pub
2013-Present: Assist principals regarding leads.
Wayne Schumacher
Business Broker
1990-97 Stock Broker
1997-99 Marketing Specialist (PR)
1999-04 Business Consultant
2004-11 Founder/GM Video Game Developer
2011-15 Restaurant/Chef/Owner
2015-Present Turnkey Brokers
Margie Capone
Biz Lead Specialist
Margie is Tracy's Assistant and business lead generator that calls on business's to see if they want to expand or sell. I setup meetings for principals to discuss next steps and opportunities.
Mr. Terry L. Donati
Business Broker
1977-1983: Masi Pizza Chain
1984-1994: VR Business Brokers
1995-Present: Business Broker
Jim Sances

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